Hire T&Cs

Adorn Collection Hire Terms and Conditions

By submitting a booking you, the customer/leasee, are agreeing to comply with the following terms and conditions.

The Terms and Conditions below apply to all items being hired including BAGS, BELTS and HEADPIECES.


1. You, the customer/leasee, will need to provide your full name, email, phone number and credit/debit card details. Photo ID is also required to prove your identity. All information will be stored securely and is not issued to any third parties. Your email will be added to our mailing list, you have the option to unsubscribe at any time.
2. Full payment is required to secure and confirm your booking.
3. Standard booking periods are from Thursday (delivery and pick up day) to Monday. Week day or extended hire is available upon request and may be subject to additional charges.
4. Under 18 years of age MUST select the Hire Insurance option for their booking to be approved.


-Local Pickup
Items can be picked up from Samson, Western Australia 6163
a. All items must be returned by 3pm Monday unless other arrangements are made.
b. If not returned by 3pm Monday – $50 late fee is charged per day.


-Interstate Delivery
a. All items are to be posted back no later than Monday before 5pm at a Post Office.
b. If not sent back by 5pm Monday – $50 late fee is charged per day – tracking details will be used to confirm this.
c. In the event that delivery costs exceed $25 the customer will be required to cover the cost of return postage (for bulky items such as large hats etc).



Identification Check

Photo ID must be sighted to carry out an address and identity check for all new customers. This is to confirm your location and identity to prevent theft and fraud. A booking will only be confirmed once the information passes the assessment process. Adorn Collection reserves the right to cancel any bookings that do not pass the ID check.  


Customer Details (billing and shipping)

It is the responsibility of the customer/leasee to ensure all information is correct before placing an order. If address details are incorrect Adorn Collection takes no responsibility for the loss of items during delivery or incorrect delivery. The customer will be charged the full RRP to replace the item if it is lost due to incorrect delivery information. Please note that an item which is ‘left with reception’ or a third party at the request of a customer requires the customer to take full responsibility for any loss that may occur. 



1. Do not attempt to wash or repair your item, professional cleaning and maintenance will be carried out if required.
2. In the event that the item is not returned on time, and you have made no attempt to contact Adorn Collection, your credit card will be charged for each day the item is late. You will be contacted to return the item. If no attempt is made within 7 days to return the item (postage tracking has not been activated) your credit card will be charged with the full RRP of the item hired along with fees to cover the loss of bookings that may have been affected. An administration and processing fee of $25 may also be charged.
3. Insurance will cover minimal damages under $50 (minor wear only). Your credit card will be charged if the repair cost exceeds this amount.
4. It is a requirement that items are sent back with the original packaging (including the box to prevent damages in transit) at a post office before 5pm. Items must be lodged over the counter NOT IN A POST BOX or late fees will be charged. This is so the tracking can be scanned and activated.
5. It is strongly advised that the leasee keep the ‘lodgement receipt’ in case of missing items or delayed delivery. If an item is lost and proof of lodgement is not available the customer is liable for replacement costs.
6. If packaging or item parts (such as chains, boxes or dust bags) are missing a fee will be charged to cover the replacement cost of the item/s.
7. If an item is not returned on time the leasee is liable to cover the hiring cost of the next booking (to cover the loss caused by cancelling the next booking). 



Refunds and Cancellations
1. Hire fees and postage costs are non-refundable for change of mind or cancelled events. A credit note or exchange will be issued if the customer changes their mind, subject to availability.
2. Bookings made with discounts or coupons can not be transferred to another date. A credit note for the order amount will be issued if the booking requires cancellation or an exchange. 
3. Cancellations require at least 3 days notice and at least 5 days if postage is required.
4. If the hire fee of the chosen item is less than the original hire cost, the difference cannot be refunded. If the cost is more than the original hire, the difference is to be paid before the booking can be confirmed.
5. All requests for refunds in extreme circumstances will be reviewed and in most cases a credit note will be issued.
6. Credit notes are valid for 12 months.
7. Refunds are only given for ‘colour matching’ if the item is not accurately represented by Adorn Collection (please note colours may differ on various devices). It is the responsibility of the customer to double check the true colour if in doubt before ordering.
8. Refunds in the case of “return to sender” are only processed once the item has been received back by Adorn Collection. In NO CIRCUMSTANCES are customers authorized to ‘return to sender’ without prior approval by Adorn Collection. Mailing labels and satchels are provided for returns and must be used for tracking purposes – no exceptions.
9. If a replacement is ordered the customer is responsible for the cost of postage.



Damaged/Missing Items
**It is the responsibility of the leasee to check for damages and notify Adorn Collection prior to use if there are any discrepancies with the item and the Condition Report.*** This can be done via email, message or text.
1. If the item has been damaged and requires repairs, a fee (repair cost plus postage and processing) will be charged to your credit card/debit card if insurance has not been purchased. A damage report will be sent and outline the repairs and cost required.
2. If hire insurance has been purchased and the repair cost exceeds the covered amount ($50 for basic cleaning) the remaining balance will be charged to your credit card.
3. If the damaged item has been booked and the item will not be back from repairs in time, an additional hire fee will be charged.
4. In the event that the item is not returned in a usable condition, the leasee is responsible to cover the cost of a full replacement along with the applicable late fees. The leasee will be charged the RRP of the item plus postage costs. What is considered ‘usable’ or ‘completely damaged’ is up to the discretion of the business owner.
5. Failure to comply with returns or the payment of fees will result in LEGAL ACTION. An alert will be sent to other Bag Hire companies within Australia and your details added to a blacklist which will prevent you from hiring other items in the future. Debt collection services will be utilized to recover the outstanding amount along with any other associated costs or legal fees. 



Hire Insurance
Hire insurance refers to minor wear that naturally occurs from light use. Minor damages may include small scuffs on corners, surface dust or dirt, finger print marks and light wear to the exterior of the bag. It does not cover makeup stains as these require professional cleaning.
Hire insurance DOES NOT cover the cost of repairs required from neglectful use. This may include (and is not limited to) scratched logos, stained interior/exterior, drink spillage, scuffing, makeup stains or dye transfer. The cost of maintenance or repairs starts at $150. The total will depend on the severity of the damage and the costs charged by the repair company.

Hire insurance does not cover loss in transit or while the bag is in possession of the customer.




Hire Postage
1. The customer is responsible for the return of items. Some items, such as hats, may require the customer to pay for return postage.
2. Orders that require postage must be placed by Sunday evening. Allow 4-5 days for delivery when booking. Adorn Collection takes no responsibility for ‘late send out’ items that don’t arrive on time without prior negotiation. In this case if the customer is notified that delivery may not occur on time and accepts the risk they will not be eligible for a refund.
3. Where Australia Post (or the delivery company) is at fault for an item not arriving on time. A credit note will be issued to cover the hire cost of the item.
4. If Adorn Collection is at fault for delayed delivery a full refund (postage and hire cost) will be issued.



Automatic Charges for Fees
By agreeing to these terms and conditions you authorize Adorn Collection to charge fees to your credit card.