Get to Know:  Gucci Serial Codes

Get to Know: Gucci Serial Codes

By on 14, Oct, 2022

If you love Gucci bags it can be helpful to know the basics of how to identify a real one, especially before buying something second hand. One of the most reliable ways to authenticate a Gucci bag is to check its serial number. Over the years, the label style, text and font have varied going through various changes until the current label format was adopted. Here’s what to look for… 

Where can I find a Gucci serial Number?

Inside every modern Gucci bag is a leather label or tab that should be a square, or a slight vertical rectangle. Once you flip it over, you will find the serial number debossed on the underside.

On larger bags (like the Black Marmont Velvet Flap Bag) look for the tab inside the bag. It’s usually sewn at the top or located near zippers. It is never on the sides of the bag lining. The serial number is heat stamped into the underside of this leather tag in two rows.

Smaller leather goods don’t have the tab but that does not mean your Wallet on Chain is fake. Instead of a tab the serial number is stamped directly into the leather, usually near the card slots. The location can vary depending on the age and style of the bag but in most cases the numbers appear in one line separated by a dot in the middle.

Since 2016-17 and through 2021 Gucci began using QR codes in addition to the leather tab. This fabric tag is usually folded in half and sewn into the lining of the bag.


What do the numbers mean?

It is more accurate to call this serial code a “style number” and “supplier number”. The numbers are usually a sequence of 10-13 figures. The first row, or section before the dot, indicates the style code which should match the code on your receipt. The second row or section refers to the supplier code. The code is a serif font and will never have letters.

Unlike Louis Vuitton bags, Gucci serial numbers are not a “date code” and do not inform you of the year the bag was made. The serial code is not unique to your bag and it is possible for two authentic Gucci bags to share the same sequence of numbers if they are the same style and have the same origin.

Do all Gucci bags have serial numbers?

The leather rectangular serial number tag is typically found on Gucci bags made in the late 90s and onward. Vintage bags don’t have the same serial numbers/codes as the newer styles. Bags produced before 1980’s usually had no numbers just the Gucci script in cursive. An authenticator will know what to look for if buying older styles is your thing.

What to look for when buying a second hand Gucci bag

The serial code isn’t the only thing you should look for when checking your Gucci is authentic. Here are some other things you can inspect…
-Gucci Box
-Dustbag (style varies with age)
-Controllato card and care booklet
-Receipt/Proof of purchase – if not available ask for a certificate of authenticity from Entrupy, Bagaholic or another reputable company
-Uniform stitching and quality workmanship
-Hardware including engraving, zippers and logos