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When I first started Adorn Collection I thought the only way to keep my bags looking fresh was to send them off to a bag spa to be cleaned. That was until I purchased the bag care products from Havre de Luxe. Now cleaning and protecting my designer bags can be done fast and for a fraction of the cost.

These products are my best kept secrets, I use them on all the Adorn Collection bags, plus my own personal items too. The great news is that you can too, because my friends at Havre de Luxe are offering all Adorn customers 15% off with the code ADORN.


Havre de Luxe have a genius range of invisible hardware protectors that have been created to specifically fit a range of popular designer handbags & accessories. 

I have found that most bag spas aren’t able to repair the scratches logos on designer bags. The hardware is also not replaceable so once they are scratched you are stuck with the damage.

Take a closer look at how I apply the hardware protectors to protect my Balenciaga Hourglass bag. Click to view the Instagram video below…

These Havre de Luxe protectors are designed to fit over your hardware to protect them from scratches and scuffs. There are so many brands and bag styles to choose from.

Each pack contains a free sample so if you don’t have a steady hand you can give it a trial run first to iron out the process. Don’t worry though, they are fully removable if you do make a mistake.

My experience with these protectors is that they work really well on the flat logos like Balenciaga, Chanel and YSL. They are quite literally almost invisible, you can see the edges only if you go looking for them. I am really happy with them because they haven’t peeled off yet, even with repeated use. 

I will say that when applying the protectors to slightly rounded logos, like the Gucci Marmont double G, they may not go the distance as they don’t seem to stick as well, but they will do the job for a short period of time.

Click here  to see if they stock a protector for your beloved bag.


Spills, makeup stains and daily wear can devalue your investment pieces and keep them from looking their best. 

The premium leather care products I use from Havre de Luxe include cleanings wipes, conditioners and restorers. These will help you to take care of your luxury pieces & ensure you can enjoy using them for years to come.


The worst thing you can do for your bag is to let stains or spills sit and dry for days. The earlier you act the better. These cleansing wipes are the perfect size to pop into your handbag to help clean up emergencies as soon as they happen.

They are designed to be single use but my tip is to pop the damp wipe into a zip lock bag before taking it out with you. They can fit in your bag, car or even in a small WOC purse.

Not only are these little wipes super handy they are also alcohol free which means they cleanse and shine while being gentle on your leather. The great news for the environment is that they are 100% biodegradable too.

Click here to order your own stash of handy wipes.


There is no point buying great cleaning products if you don’t apply them with a quality cloth. Here are two great options that go hand-in-hand with the Havre de Luxe cleaning product range. Cleaning a designer bag, belt or pair of shoes is a breeze with these pink beauties.

The larger Application Mitt fits over your whole hand and is so fluffy and soft! It’s gentle enough to use on the most delicate of leathers, you will get optimum result when applying cleaning products to your handbag or even shoes. It’s reusable and can be refreshed with a quick spin in the washing machine.

The little mini version of the large application mitt is also incredibly soft and can help get into those hard to reach places. It fits over your fingers for a quick dust or touch up.


If you are lucky enough to have a small collection of designer handbags then you know sending them off to the ‘spa’ can get very expensive. Just like a skin care routine you can take care of your beautiful bags at home, without spending a fortune. All you need are a few essential products. This Handbag and Accessory Bundle is a great way to get started and test out all the products you need to keep your bags (and shoes) clean, shiny and nourished.  

The Handbag and Accessory Bundle includes:

5 cleansing wipes – a perfect pop in your purse size for on-the-go emergencies.

Gentle Foam Cleanser – to clean off dirt and surface spills easily.

Leather Conditioner – to nourish your leather to keep it soft and supple. This is like sunscreen and moisturizer for your bag which protects leather from UV damage.

Water and Stain Guard – to create an invisible barrier of protection against water, marks, stains and colour transfer (ever had your denim ink rub off onto the back of your bag?). This spray does it all and is a best seller!

Deodorizing capsules – to refresh your bag from odours and excess moisture. You can even use these in your shoes!

Large Application Mitt – for best application results use this super soft mitt to apply all your bag care products.


You don’t need to worry about small sample sizes in this bundle. The pack contains 7 full sized products and the price adds up to 30% of savings which is great value for anyone wanting to try cleaning a designer bag at home.

Don’t forget to get 15% your order to use the code ADORN at the checkout.

This post contains affiliate links – I would never reccommend a product I didn’t approve of, or use on my own products.