How to tell your YSL Chain Wallet isn’t fake

How to tell your YSL Chain Wallet isn’t fake

By on 11, Nov, 2020

Buying secondhand luxury items is a great way to get your hands on the bag of your dreams for less than retail. But how do you know you aren’t being scammed with a fake bag?

Here are some tips to help you to sort the genuine Chain Wallet bags from the fake ones…

The buyer should be able to provide…

-An original receipt (as you can see below mine is from Farfetch)

-ID cards and serial numbers. The style number is six digits followed by a four to five digit date number. This should match inside the bag and on the accompanying ID cards. This located at the bottom of the be found behind the centre zipper section

-Original packaging including dust bag, box and ribbons

While many of the details will vary based on the bag style, size and time of production, there are a few key features to look out for on Saint Laurent Chain Wallet bags.


Saint Laurent bags come in an array of high quality materials, including lambskin, metallics, suede, calfskin and textured leathers. The Grain De Poudre leather should have very fine ‘bumps’ so if you find one with a coarse finish it’s probably a fake.


Saint Laurent’s iconic charm lies in its distinctive logo, so hardware is key when spotting a fake. Pay close attention to the font, the width of the letters and where they overlap.

Other parts of the bag will also have SAINT LAURENT imprinted into the hardware. Fake bags will be missing this detail or it may be present in a different font.

On the underside the flap you’ll also see the signature Saint Laurent / Paris debossed above the card pockets along with an invisible MADE IN ITALY stamp on the first pocket


Authentic Saint Laurent bags will be consistently constructed and finished. Attention to detail in this area is what makes the bags such coveted items. There should never be any double stitching in the middle of a row or lose threads. Inconsistent shape and size is a red flag for a fake.


If you are ever in doubt make sure you get your item authenticated and always purchase from a trusted seller.

See my quick video below for more….