DIY cleaning tips for designer bags

DIY cleaning tips for designer bags

By on 15, Oct, 2020

When you spend a fortune on something you want it to last forever. Taking care of your beloved designer leather handbag is more important than you think and plays a vital role in its longevity. With a few easy steps your bag will look great and last for years to come, but how do you make sure that DIY cleaning doesn’t damage your bag? Don’t be scared to have a go yourself but take these things into consideration before you start scrubbing…

-Know your leather: there are different leather types and finishes so make sure you are aware of what you bag is made of and check you have the correct cleaning product before you start.

-Use a trusted cleaning product: harsh chemicals shouldn’t be used on delicate leather so always check reviews or use a product recommended by a bag spa. If in doubt a warm soft cloth can safely remove surface dirt on finished leather.

-Avoid alcohol: keep your bag well away from sanitizer and harsh soap based wipes as this will damage the leather.

-Carry out regular cleaning: leather is porous and needs conditioning to prevent the surface drying out and cracks appearing.

-Attend to stains immediately if possible.

-Store bags correctly when not in use: to ensure the quality of the leather is maintained keep your handbag in the dust bag provided to avoid moisture and light.

-Send your bag to a professional if you don’t feel confident with cleaning it yourself.


-use a small piece of cloth to protect the hardware while you clean
-blot the conditioning cream with your finger on the cloth before applying it to the leather to help it spread evenly
-gently apply a second layer of conditioner to areas that are worn or heavily used 

Take a look at the video below to see these tips in action and how easy it is to spruce up a Chanel WOC bag…