Gucci Bag Touch-up Repair Tips

Gucci Bag Touch-up Repair Tips

By on 27, Oct, 2020

The key to making your favourite designer bag last a lifetime is repairing damage as soon as possible. Along with cleaning the bag regularly yourself small repairs can be done from home too. It’s relatively easy to do and instead of spending money on a bag spa you can start saving for your next luxe purchase. 



Whether you choose to send your bag to a professional or not there are many good reasons why you need to maintain your designer bags…

-if the bag is in great condition it will hold its value longer

-the bag will look better when you’re wearing it

-regular care can maintain the leather quality and life of the bag

-you can protect the bag and prevent future damages 

Before you start make sure the area you are working in is clear and you have rags, a few cue tips and some tooth picks on hand just in case you need to tidy up some wonky spots.



  1. Use quality brushes and a paint palette (I use a small container lid). The bristles can come off in the paint and stick to your bag. Cheap brushes will leave a streaky finish.
  2. Check you have the right paint for your leather. Some leather will have a finish on it and the paint may not be suitable.
  3. Prepare and clean the bag first. This helps you see exactly what you are repairing.
  4. Colour match carefully. Always match using a dried sample as the paint colour will be different when wet.
  5. Spot test an area first which can’t be seen to make sure the colour matches and the paint is suitable for the type of leather.
  6. Work lightly. Paint a thin layer to begin with and add more if the area is heavily worn. Take your time to brush out any streaks.
  7. Dry in between layers. Make sure to take your time and don’t rush it. Each layer should be fully dried before adding the next.
  8. Paint in an area that has natural light so you can see the damage clearly.
  9. Store left over paint in an airtight container for use later on, especially for a custom colour you’ve mixed up to match.
  10. Wash your brushes ASAP so the paint doesn’t dry.

Here is a video of me in action working on the worn corners of the Gucci Marmont Mini Bag…

If you aren’t confident to try this DIY make sure you contact a bag spa otherwise you run the risk of damaging your bag even more. I don’t always do all the repairs myself because there are some types of damage you need a professional to fix. If you have a broken strap, a serious tear that goes all the way through the leather, or a heavily discoloured spot, get in contact with a bag spa. These professionals will get your bag looking great again.

Gucci Designer Bag Repairs

For tips on how to keep your bag squeaky clean, conditioned and protected from water check out my video on the blog DIY cleaning tips for designer bags