We have joined the hero revolution!

We have joined the hero revolution!

By on 25, Jul, 2019

We all want to do our part to save the Earth and it’s the little everyday things that make a big impact. My goal is to reduce as much packaging waste as possible and the best place to start is with the satchels that your beautiful bags are sent out in. Plastic mailing bags are out and HEROPACK bags are in!

Did you know that a regular plastic mailing satchel takes over 400 years to break down!!! During this process a deadly gas called methane is released into the atmosphere too.

If you compost these biodegradable mailers (by cutting them up and putting them in your compost/green bin for the worms to eat) they only take 90 days to break down with ZERO waste left behind. How good is that?

Don’t have a compost bin? That’s ok! They are made from plant based materials so if you put them in a regular bin for landfill they will break down eventually, after about 2 years. Please remove the labels/sticky tape before you compost them as these small bits aren’t biodegradable.

I am so excited to be sending your items in these Earth friendly mailers. Keep an eye out for your pink parcels in the mail!